Lessons learned(imparted) while watching The Blues Brothers with the boys.

  1. Stand behind the line
  2. Always call your parents
  3. Always yell at Nazi
  4. Punch Nazis at your own discretion
  5. If arrested for punching Nazis see #2

Parenting fail: (11yo): I know the name Carrie Fischer, but who is she again.

Also 11yo: Why are there still Nazis? Didn’t we fight a war.

Friends arrive for Easter dinner barring Peeps and blow torch. I like where this is headed.

Some days you have have to let your oldest sit in the commander’s seat in the Space Shuttle (fixed base trainer)

Some days I look at my calendar and it scares me.

“… it’s possible to become an expert in something you don’t immediately grasp” — John Cook

FaceID doesn’t work when you are dressed like this